American Song

The American River Cruise Revolution is here with American Song, the flagship in the new series of contemporary riverboats from American Cruise Lines. As the first modern riverboat ever in the U.S., American Song is introducing many pioneering innovations to America’s waters. With a capacity of just 190 guests, this new ship has the modern […]

American Harmony

The American River Cruise revolution continues with American Harmony, the second in American Cruise Lines’ highly anticipated series of contemporary riverboats. These, the first modern riverboats ever in the U.S., have introduced many pioneering innovations to America’s waters. With a capacity of just 190 guests, American Harmony has the modern amenities and contemporary styling that […]

American Constitution

American Cruise Lines is proud to announce the newest addition to our expanding fleet of small cruise ships, the American Constitution. Designed with elegance in mind, this brand new coastal cruise ship will carry a capacity of just 175 guests and is uniquely designed to navigate the inland coastal waterways of the East Coast. In […]

American Jazz

American Cruise Lines is pleased to announce the continuation of our modern riverboat series. American Jazz will begin its inaugural season on the Lower Mississippi in August of 2020. Like her sister ships, American Jazz has the contemporary styling and modern amenities that make river cruising more attractive and comfortable than ever before. Featured will […]

RV Kanee Pandaw

These much-loved, safari-style vessels offer outdoor or indoor dining, run-round promenades and ample indoor and outdoor living space. The cabins are slightly smaller than on Pandaw’s larger ships but cleverly designed and very comfortable with roomy bathrooms.

RV Kanee Pandaw

The RV Sabaidee is the seventeenth ship to the Pandaw Flotilla which was constructed to meet demand on our very popular Laos to China route across Yunnan. In true Pandaw style this double decked vessel is designed to meet the navigational challenges of shooting rapids in the Laos gorges and sailing through shallow waters all […]

MV Rhapsody

In 2020 we celebrate the arrival of the brand-new MV Rhapsody and there can be fewer more glamorous ships gracing the Adriatic’s spectacular coastline; at 50 metres, designed with the very latest safety features, her lustrous paintwork and exquisite lines dazzle on the quayside and all those lucky enough to sail in her can’t fail […]

MSC Seashore

Coming into service in Spring 2021, the 169,400 GT MSC Seashore will be the first in its kind, further enriching MSC Cruises’ Seaside Class of ships with new cutting edge features including: an additional lounge at the aft part; a further enhanced MSC Yacht Club covering three forward decks; specialty restaurants at the level of […]

MV La Belle des Océans

The MV La Belle des Océans is the second maritime vessel of the CroisiEurope fleet and will sail from Singapore to Quebec during a series of repositioning cruises before reaching its final destination along the Saint Lawrence River and Lake Ontario.

Zimbabwean Dream

CroisiEurope offers you an up-close and personal experience with nature at the ends of the world on board our new Premium-rated ship as we sail along Lake Kariba and the most beautiful bends of the region for fantastic views of the surrounding wonderland.

Viking Venus

Expand your horizons on comfortable, state-of-the-art ships, intimate and thoughtfully created by experienced nautical architects and designers to enrich your interaction with your destination in every way. Each sister ship carries only 930 guests and is engineered at a scale that allows direct access into most ports. The fleet features understated elegance and modern Scandinavian […]


For three decades, our purpose at Quark Expeditions has been unwavering: to go beyond. Since our founding, we have been committed to helping others discover the wonders of the polar regions while continuing to push the boundaries of exploration. Our much-anticipated new ship, Ultramarine, delivers on this promise in ways never before seen for a […]