Destination Focus: Alaska

Alaska’s stunning coastlines offer some of the best un-spoilt scenery in the world, teamed with an abundance of wildlife which make it a constant draw for cruisers, with all the major lines offering a varying amount of itineraries in the area. You can expect to see whales, bears, seals and eagles all from your cabin’s balcony, framed by towering glaciers, green rainforests and huge mountains. Here are our top five things to do in Alaska….

1. Marvel at the Glaciers


All Alaskan cruises give you the opportunity to get up close and personal to these breath-taking mountains of ice. From the Sawyer Glaciers at the end of the amazing Tracy Arm Fjord to the huge imposing Hubbard Glacier, there is nothing quite like sailing past these natural wonders. Hubbard Glacier is 76 miles long and over 40 storeys high and the ice is the most gorgeous shade of blue – caused by the density of the ice which absorbs all the colours of the spectrum apart from blue – which is why you can see that colour reflected.

2. Explore the beautiful Denali National Park


This 6 million acre national park is accessed only by one ribbon of road  and is home to North America’s highest mountain. You can camp, hike or join an escorted tour through the region or stay in one of it’s many lodge’s. Almost a hundred years old, this park has been offering tourist the change to immerse themselves in the the quiet solitude’s of the wilderness.

3. Discover Wildlife


It’s everywhere. You can expect to see black and brown bears, moose and deer on the shore, otters, whales and seals in the water and sea birds and majestic birds of prey in the sky. As well as the National Parks, the areas around the glaciers are best to spot wildlife and there is nothing quite like sitting on the balcony of your cabin and seeing what you can spot.

4. Take the Rocky Mountaineer


The Rocky Mountaineer is an experience like no other – this train service takes you through the Canadian Rockies in train completely set up for the perfect viewing experience, with window extending over your heads to ensure you can sit back and relax whilst still being able to enjoy the stunning scenery, whilst you receive 5* service and meals at your seats.

5. Wander round the Alaskan towns


Each town in Alaska is different to each other and their histories are all very different.  From the Gold-Rush town of Skagway, to Seward, where a strong Russian connection exists due to it being a base to all the Russian fur traders and back to Ketchikan, where a strong native population shaped the culture and traditions of the area, you’ll find a charming story where ever you visit.