The A to Z of Cruising

Everything you wanted to know about cruising – from A to Z!

A is for AFT   – It’s pretty self-explanatory that Forward is the front of the ship, mid-ship is the middle, but Aft sometimes confuses people. It’s towards the back of the ship.

B is for BARS – If you enjoy a pre-dinner tipple, an ice-cold beer in the sun or a cheeky G&T, you’ll be spoilt for choice! With several different bars on board to try and with all-inclusive drinks packages being increasingly offered, it’s just a matter of finding your favourite.

C is for CABINS – Also known as staterooms, everyone has a preference! Some people insist on at least having a window, others will prefer to make the savings on an inside cabin so they have more to spend on the ship, but personally, we love a balcony cabin, so we can sit and enjoy the sound of the ocean whilst enjoying the perfect sunset.

D is for DESTINATIONS – Whilst a select group of cruisers are all about the ship and the hardware, most of us cruise because we want to wake up in a different destination every morning. There is no other holiday which offers you chance to experience as many different places in such a short space of time.

E is for ENTERTAINMENT – West End style shows, live music, escape rooms, laser tag, ten-pin bowling, surf similultators, 4d cinemas, sail-away parties, you name it, a cruise ship can offer it. You’ll struggle to find the time to fit it all in!

F is for FOOD – As standard, you’ll be able to dine in a buffet style restaurant and have the choice of a main dining room, but most ships offer lots of other amazing dining choices for a small cover charge. Pick your cuisine, Italian, French, Sushi or how about a chain or name you know, like Jamie’s Italian, Johnny Rockets or Margaritaville?

G is for GRATUITIES – To take the hassle out of wondering what to tip, cruise lines charge a daily fee which gets split between all your service staff.

H is for HOSPITALITY – The service you receive on board your floating resort is exceptional. You get a turn down service every night and there is always someone on hard waiting to serve you your next drink.

I is for ICE BREAKERS – If you want to brave the depths of the Antarctica, or head north to see the Northern Lights, there are ships equipped with the hardware to make that happen, whilst still retaining the level of comfort you’re used to enjoying on a cruise.

J is for JACUZZI – What’s better than relaxing in a jacuzzi, sipping on a cocktail, watching the sunset?

K is for KIDS – Cruising with kids is a whole different level of holiday. With extensive kids clubs on most cruise lines and family dining, nurseries and even babysitting options, everyone is happy and has time to enjoy themself!

L is for LEARN – Enrich your trip whilst you find out more about the local area, or learn a new skill. From cookery school, to lectures on wildlife, yoga classes and more, take the time to discover something new.

M is for MUSTER – This is the safety drill carried out when you first board your cruise, so you know what to do in an unlikely event of an emergency. It’s mandatory for everyone on board, so don’t miss it!

N is for NORTH STAR – Royal Caribbean offer a 360 degree observation deck experience, 300 feet above sea level on their Quantum class ships and the views are simply breathtaking.

O is for ONBOARD ACCOUNT – All cruiselines offer a cashless system on board. You’re given a credit card sized pass to use for all your onboard purchases, so make sure you have it with you at all times. At the end of the holiday, you get given your statement and you can just go!

P is for POOLS – Splash pools, adults only pools, plunge pools, covered pools. Plenty of opportunity to go for a dip!

Q is for Queen Elizabeth II – Did you know HRH is Godmother to two of Cunard’s ships, the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mary II.

R is for ROOM SERVICE – Feeling a little peckish? Why not have a snack delivered to your stateroom, or a have a leisurely breakfast served on your balcony?

S is for SPA – With some of the most luxurious spa brands available, you’ll have plenty of time to relax and be pampered. Some cruise lines even have wellness packages, which include spa access and other extras, like private restaurants.

T is for TENDER – The great thing about cruising is it means you can often reach places you wouldn’t normally be able to access. However, these places may not have the docking facilities needed to accommodate a luxury cruise line, but that’s fine, as that’s when a tender comes in, to pick you up and take you ashore.

U is for UNWIND – You don’t have to whizz around and explore. A cruise holiday means you can set your own pace – if you want to just sit and unwind with a book, you can. Transatlantic and repositioning cruises can be great options for those of you who want to enjoy the ship and all it’s amenities whilst you kick back in style.

V is for VISA – Whilst a lot of places will offer visas on board the ship, it can vary depending on what passport you hold. We always recommend you do your own research so you don’t get any nasty surprises and can’t go ashore.

W is for WILDLIFE – There are ample opportunities to get up close and personal to many creatures you may otherwise not see, from whales swimming alongside you, to bears roaming the shores in places like Alaska.

X is for XPEDITION – Fancy discovering the wonders of the beautiful Galapagos? Celebrity Cruise’s very own Xpedition is the ship to do it on!

Y is for YOUTH PROGRAMS – Teenagers. They are often difficult to please, but the youth programs you can find on board means they get the freedom to explore and socialise, meaning parents get more time to relax!

Z is ZIPLINE – Ziplines. You can zip line across rainforests, down the beach of private islands, or even across the decks of the tallest cruise ships. Adrenaline junkies only!