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Our Asian Cruises will bring a culturally-rich and fascinating past, and a vibrant and thrilling present, discovering the faraway feasts of Asia will be an unforgettable worldly experience. Treat yourself to a taste of it all, with an Asia cruise, where you can stay aboard a luxury liner and drink in many different delightful destinations.

Feel the warm spices in the air as you enjoy the sensational sightseeing, from the exotic tropical beaches, multi-colored city markets  to the lush, rural delights within the sumptuous jungle landscapes. Sample Asia's revered and celebrated cuisine, and enjoy a reception like no other, from the wonderfully welcoming people that call this paradise home.

Experience the unforgettable

With untouched tropical nature and captivating cities that hold hidden gems and relics of the Orient, Asia cruises offer a rich tapestry of ancient traditions, interesting cultures and truly breath-taking sights. Climb aboard Asia cruises to Thailand, Indonesia or China, and discover this complex and fascinating continent for yourself...
You'll never want to leave!

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Featured Asia Attractions

Bangkok (Laemchabang), Thailand

A kaleidoscope of colour, this dream-like city is festooned with ornate shrines, hushed temples and towering golden spires, and floating markets amid a lattice of canals, known locally as ‘klongs’. You’ve a wealth of choices to enjoy, from mouth-watering cuisine to exquisite Thai show performances – this vibrant, thrilling city will enthral every sense, in the most spectacular of ways.


Discover Asia, Cruise to Cochin in India

Cochin, or Kochi to use its Indian name, is one of most popular cruise ports in India. Sitting in a natural harbour that was created by a flood in 1341, this ancient trading-port still deals in rich, worldly spices to this day. Spot the famous Chinese fishing nets that hover, graceful and crane-like, over the waterfront where you can watch fishermen haul in their tempting catch. For an unforgettable sight, make sure you are awake for the sail-in, and watch the magnificent sun rise over Kochi’s misty waters.


Benoa, Bali, Indonesia

For over a century, Bali has captivated the imagination of the West, embodying the essence of Asia’s exotic culture. The tropical climate lays way for endless emerald green scenery, punctured by terraced rice paddies. This island paradise is renowned for its refined arts; from dance, to sculpture, painting, metalworking and music. The small village of Benoa on its south-eastern coast is your gateway to its many delights, whilst fragrant spices fill the air and feed your soul.


Ho Chi Minh CIty, Vietnam

Laying in the heart of the Mekong Delta, this port is an intriguing combination of Asian and French culture. Savour its colonial era buildings, cafés, and sidewalks crammed with noodle stalls and markets as you explore this bustling metropolis. To the sound of city chatter and honking car horns, bicycles, motorbikes and automobiles fly down the boulevards, in a flurry of activity, with friendly faces that greet you as you travel through the gateway to the city. Only on an Asia cruise can you experience so many cultural delights in one monumental, memorable trip.


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