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The Mediterranean is a world-renowned holiday destination – quaint fishing villages, stunning scenery, tantalising cuisine and a warm climate are all part of its charm! Bordered by 22 countries across three continents, the Mediterranean Sea earned its name, “sea between the lands.” So if you love history, great cities and romantic islands, a Mediterranean cruise is the voyage for you.

What’s a cruise holiday without indulging in the region’s finest fare? Thanks to the coastlines skirting every country, seafood dishes are always present on a Mediterranean menu. Amongst the most-popular meals are Spanish paella, Italian lobster risotto, Provençal tuna, and Greek grilled octopus!

Boasting clear waters and a mild temperature, sun-seekers will be thrilled to stroll along the Red Beach in Santorini. Or if you prefer sightseeing, climb the fortress perched atop the town of Hvar to admire the panoramic Adriatic views! History buffs will also be enticed to marvel at the beautiful ruins and classic architecture of Rome and Barcelona, such as the Colosseum and the Sagrada Familia. Sights, scenery and smells galore, any voyage across the Mediterranean is an assault on the senses – for all the good reasons!

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Mediterranean Cruise Highlights

Barcelona, Spain

Art and architecture thrive in Barcelona, the capital of Spain’s Catalonia region. The Sagrada Familia, an iconic architectural marvel designed by Antoni Gaudí with contrasting facades and sculpted details, is a proud representation of the city’s impressive architectural grandeur. You can also tour around Casa Milà, another masterpiece from Gaudí, which is a converted cultural centre showcasing art exhibits and performances that  was once a residential complex.

Rome, Italy

Carrying a storied past dating back over two thousand years, Rome is an epic capital steeped with historical and cultural heritage. The city is home to world-famous destinations, such as the Vatican, Colosseum, and Pantheon. Before the sun sets, hire a Vespa and whizz round the city streets – the best possible way to explore this sprawling, cosmopolitan city. Rome is an attraction in itself, with centuries of globally influential art, architecture and culture, so take the time to appreciate it all during your stay.

Athens, Greece

Athens was once the beating heart of the Greek Empire and today, is overflowing with stories and legends! You may begin your exploration by visiting The Pantheon, the Acropolis, and the relaxed Plaka District – the historical and architectural marvels that reflect the epoch-making events of the past. While the Greek capital allows us to step back in time to its illustrious glory, it’s now rapidly transforming into a modern urban area with buzzing bars, museums and restaurants.

History and Culture

If there’s one thing to encapsulate the Mediterranean’s identity, it should be its rich history and culture that withstood the test of time. The unique geography and climate of the Mediterranean played an integral role in shaping the lifestyle and customs of the people that call it home. The Roman Empire revolved around the Mediterranean region, so the sights and cultures greatly evoke the spirit of the era. From literature to religious history, it’s undeniable that the Mediterranean has significantly contributed to the way of life that we have today.

Here are some of the historical and cultural experiences the Mediterranean offers:

  • Discover what’s left of the city frozen in time – Pompeii – and learn more about the catastrophic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius that buried the site under metres of ash and pumice.
  • Watch a Flamenco folk dance performance or celebrate the La Tomatina Festival with the locals in Spain.
  • Breeze through the fjord-like channel that leads to Kotor, a fortified town in Montenegro that’s listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Things to Do in the Mediterranean

Discover the glamour of the French Riviera

The French Riviera, also known as Côte d’Azur, offers limitless possibilities. Dotting its coast is a host of picturesque towns and dazzling beach resorts, set against a backdrop of endless blue waters, where gentle waves tickle the shores. Saunter around the glamourous town of Cannes and walk on the narrow, winding alleys of Eze. Take a dip in the pristine beaches of Nice, and savour some freshly caught seafood once you’ve worked up an appetite. Breathing a blend of bygone charm and contemporary sophistication, this coastal paradise will surely keep you wanting more.

Ride a gondola and wander the gorgeous Venice canals

There is no paved road access for wheeled vehicles in Venice. Instead, there are a series of enchanting bridges and gorgeous canals that will transport you into a magical journey sailing to the different small islands of this romantic city. The Grand Canal thoroughfare is Venice’s crowning glory – the main waterway surrounded by Romanesque-style, Gothic-style, and Renaissance-style structures. Get lost in the maze-like streets and small squares that make up this Mediterranean gem. Visit St. Mark’s Square in the heart of the city, then people-watch over a cappuccino at the famous Café Florian.

Soak up the summer party atmosphere in Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is  widely recognized for its vibrant beach vibe and summer party atmosphere. The pulsating island is bursting with life, so you can easily find cosmopolitan bars and beach clubs. Although often regarded as the Greek Islands’ nightlife capital, Mykonos is also steeped with natural beauty – evident in its rugged terrain sprinkled with chalky olive bushes, granite stone, windmills, and blinding white-washed buildings.

Food and Drink

Health is the centre of Mediterranean cuisine, with recipes that include healthy fats and oils, minimal processed meats, fresh vegetables, and a variety of herbs and spices. Every country offers a diverse selection of healthy and hearty dishes that will appeal to your taste buds. Listed below is a brief run through of all the iconic culinary staples and experiences that you should try. Bon appétit!

  • Taste the Greek version of Italian lasagna, Moussaka – an aubergine-based delicacy with lamb mince in each layer and topped with creamy bechamel sauce.
  • Sample the original Italian treats, pizza, pasta and gelato, which all have become a comfort food to many people around the world
  • Pop into a local French patisserie, learn about the artful cooking techniques, and try the authentic pastry and cake classics, such as croissants, choux buns, macarons, millefeuille & madeleines.
  • Let the taste of the sea melt on your tongue with freshly caught seafood platters, served in Portugal.

Mediterranean Cruises FAQs

How long does a Mediterranean cruise take?

A Mediterranean cruise typically lasts anywhere between 7 and 14 nights, depending on your chosen itineraries, but there are also longer and shorter sailings available.

What are the packages offered for the Mediterranean cruises?

In LoveitBookit, we have multiple packages for long and short getaways, with nicely tailored itineraries and a great deal of inclusions.

What is the best month to cruise the Mediterranean?

Whilst there are some cruises to the Mediterranean which operate all year round, the most popular time is between the months of April - October with the peak season being July - September due to the warmest weather. You can choose from a range of package deals here at LoveitBookit…

What is the local currency in the Mediterranean?

Currencies vary depending on your port of call, but euros are accepted in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, and Greece. You can find currency exchange stations on most cruise ships, local hotels and airports.

What is the route of a Mediterranean cruise?

The Mediterranean can be divided into three regions: Western Mediterranean, Eastern Mediterranean, and the Canary Islands. A Western Mediterranean cruise itinerary sets sail to the ports of Spain, the French Riviera, and Italy, and may also visit Portugal, Monaco, Tunisia, or Morocco. Meanwhile, the Eastern Mediterranean will take passengers to the stunning Dalmatian coast, sailing the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic and the awe-inspiring Greek Islands. These itineraries also include the Black Sea and cruises to Holy Land in Israel.

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