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As one of the natural world’s most dramatic sights, the Norwegian Fjords are a true spectacle that captivate every eye that lays on it. These long, narrow ocean inlets cut into the landscapes of mighty sheer cliffs and rugged rock faces, created by massive glaciers retreating over thousands of years. An immersive cruise to Norway marries natural beauty, rich culture and magical experiences — a once in a lifetime destination, calling at picturesque ports along the coast, each of which is surrounded by a shroud of mesmerising Viking legend!

Stunning Fjords

Norway is home to over 1,7000 monumental fjords formed during the Earth’s last Ice Age. So, which fjord should you look out for on a cruise? Consider these stunning  fjords in our list and get ready for an epic Norwegian Fjord adventure…

Geirangerfjord – Fjord, Falls and Farms

Arguably to be the most famous Norwegian fjord, the Geiranger Fjord has been featured in many films, such as The Wave and Frozen — thanks to its fairytale-like scenery! This 15-kilometre fjord is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. On a remarkable cruise through this deep-blue ocean inlet, marvel at the gorgeous Seven Sisters, Friaren and Brudesloret waterfalls and explore several abandoned mountain farms clinging to the mountainsides.

Hardangerfjord – Orchard of Norway

Whether you’re just sightseeing or going ashore to sample some cider, cruising through the Hardangerfjord is definitely an assault on the senses! It’s coined as the heart of Norwegian cider and fruit juice production, hosting an extensive array of verdant farms dating back to the 13th century. The apple trees adorning the steep hillsides of the fjord are considered a national icon, offering mesmerising views when their beautiful blossoms appear in springtime!

Sognefjord – King of of Fjords

The Sognefjord is dubbed the ‘King of Fjords’ for many good reasons. Set in the middle of the Fjord Norway, it’s the longest and deepest among the Norwegian fjords, spanning over 200 kilometres and measuring 1,308 metres at its deepest point. The Fjærlandsfjord, Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord, the Årdalsfjord and the Lustrafjord are all branches of the Sognefjord. The longest fjord boasts awe-inspiring sights on its side arms, with towering glaciers, lush farms and cosy Viking villages creating scenic lookouts.

Raise Your Expectations

Navigating through Norway’s icy waters, you’ll see powerful waterfalls plummet from hundreds of feet and churning cool crystal-clear waters below. The jagged outcrops that make up the striking coastline have been carved by centuries of shifting ice, giving them a fusion of eerie and magical feel, while the rocky landscape is peppered with dense green Nordic forests. Sailing through the fjords rewards passengers the most spectacular views of these natural phenomena.

But don’t get put off by the overwhelming feeling that comes with towering glaciers, mountainous terrains and time-forgotten lands… On a shore excursion, the quaint cities and towns nestled comfortably into the Arctic paradise welcome visitors with a cosmopolitan and exciting vibe, full of friendly people and incredible architecture. One of the most sought-after Nordic cities is Bergen — known as the ‘Gateway to the Fjords,’ the city combines a rich tapestry of tradition, nature and arts all while breathing a small-town charm!

Apart from breathtaking fjord sightings, you’ll be in awe of the bucket-list-worthy light displays that stripe the northern skies — experience the never-setting Midnight Sun during summer and marvel at the magical flickering Northern Lights gracing the winter night skies! Whether you want to white-water raft in the Arctic summer, travel north along the coastline, explore abandoned mines, or seek out the stunning light displays, there’s so much for everyone on a Norwegian Fjords cruise!

Explore More

Stroll around the beautiful Bergen

Bergen is a beautiful city in the southwestern coast of Norway in the heart of the majestic fjords, which makes a perfect setting for mountain hikes, city walks and sightseeing! Everything is within walking distance of the main cruise pier, so you can wander leisurely around the old cobbled streets, filled with bustling markets, wooden buildings and delightful museums. Be sure to visit the UNESCO-listed Bryggen, a historic harbour district that looks like a work of art, painted picture-perfect onto the surrounding landscape!

Take a roundtrip with the Flåm Railway

A scenic train ride along the Flåm Railway is one of the most enchanting train journeys in the world. The vintage trains wind their way from the ends of Aurlandsfjord up to the mountains of Myrdal, with guaranteed lookouts to some of Norway’s most iconic sights and scenery. Ascending the mountain, you’ll pass through mountain tunnels, thundering waterfalls, and catch sight of the ever-changing scenery of the Flåm River and Valley. Be sure to drop by the Flåm Railway Museum, which documents the construction of the world's steepest mountain railway.

Soak up culture in Oslo

A haven for culture enthusiasts, Oslo is famous for its modern architecture, world-class museums and public statues. Oslo is a proud home to the Nobel Peace Centre and holds the Peace Prize ceremonies each year in the City Hall. Set on the newly developed harbour is the Oslo Opera House, boasting an angled, white exterior that looks like an iceberg rising from a fjord, and on the opposite end, the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern sits, housing the impressive works of renowned artists like Warhol and Gober!

Picture yourself on a Norwegian Fjords Cruise

Norwegian Fjords FAQs

Which side of the cruise ship is best for Norwegian Fjords?

The best spot of the cruise ship depends on your preferred experience. Both the port and starboard sides offer unique perspectives, depending on the itinerary. If you’re after the scenic views on board, you can choose the cabin facing the land (port side for northbound, starboard side for southbound) to enjoy the views of the fjords in all its glory.

Can you see the Northern Lights on a Norwegian Fjords cruise?

It’s possible to view the Northern Lights on a Norwegian Fjords cruise but it’s not always guaranteed since the appearance of the natural phenomenon is almost impossible to predict. The northernmost counties of Norway — Nordland, Troms, and Finnmark — are some of the best spots to view the northern lights, both onboard the ship and during shore excursions at night.

How long does a Norwegian Fjords cruise take?

Norwegian Fjords cruises typically last anywhere between 7 to 14 days.

When is the best time to go on a Norwegian Fjords cruise?

The peak season for a Norwegian Fjords cruise is during the summer between June and August. These are the months when the temperatures are most pleasant and the flora are the lushest. However, many travellers opt to go in late spring or early summer to escape the crowds and enjoy long days exploring the fjords.

Why are the Norwegian Fjords so popular?

A journey through the Norwegian Fjords is often in the bucket list of many travellers for its jaw-dropping beauty, ever-changing weather conditions and the wealth of experiences that the destination offers. Norway is home to some of the world’s most fascinating fjords, spoken of in quiet awe as one of the most beautiful in the world. Venture through the deep-blue ocean inlet caught in between the scenic mountainous terrains, which time has long forgotten, swept away in an Ice Age only just rediscovered by you...

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