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Prepare to be amazed and astounded, for Australia and New Zealand are two cruise destinations that are quite unlike any other. Where Australia takes the crown as the flattest land mass on our planet, New Zealand is extremely mountainous. Australia is a dry, desert country, and by contrast, New Zealand is a lush, veritable garden.

Australia’s land features are best characterized as gentle and regular, with sloping plains and, with the exception of Sydney Harbour, a smooth coastline with few inlets or bays. New Zealand’s shoreline is deeply incised with steep fjords, and in contrast with its neighbour’s flat plains and deserts, its terrain tends to be rugged and precipitous, punctuated by permanent glaciers and white-water rivers.

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New Zealand’s wintry alpine heights could ring true of Alaska or the Arctic. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, its most famous natural treasure, is built from the same Pacific hard corals as the reefs surrounding the islands of Hawaii. For variation, these two sisters provide plenty.

Cruises to Australia & New Zealand introduce passengers to the scenic beauty of the land Down Under – the beauty that enraptured explorers centuries ago.

view Australia & New Zealand cruises


Featured Australia & New Zealand Attractions

Discover Auckland with New Zealand Cruises

Auckland sits on the narrow peninsula that runs between the sparkling waters of Manukau and Waitemata Harbours. Step ashore to explore a lush, leafy urban cityscape, filled with beautiful parks and renowned art galleries. Surrounded by beautiful beaches, winding hiking trails and a whole host of things to do, Auckland is New Zealand’s largest and most diverse city. Sample the outstanding food and wine and explore the scenery, all whilst cloaked in warmth from the sumptuously sunny climate – New Zealand cruises offer you the chance to taste it all.


Explore the Bay of Islands, on Your Cruise to New Zealand

If you love beaches, you’ll find many of the world’s finest right here, graced with perfect white sand and crystal-clear water. As you’d expect, active outdoor pursuits are abound, so for the adventure-hungry, these islands are the perfect place to roam. Enjoy big-game fishing and hunt out Maori cultural artefacts – these islands are host to an abundance of rich heritage. Visit the 19th-century whaling port of Russell, where the waterfront promenade boasts endless historical reminders of its days as the country’s first colonial capital.


Explore Sydney When You Cruise to Australia

Considered one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the Southern Hemisphere, Sydney offers just about everything you could wish for — from famous beaches and wineries, to stunning landmarks and world-class shopping. Cruising under Sydney Harbour Bridge will take your breath away, as you pass the iconic Opera House and drink in the unforgettable sights. Soak up the sun and the fun, on the busy Bondi Beach, then head back and experience Sydney by night, where you can immerse yourself in the rich cultural and artistic vibrancy.


Discover Melbourne, on Your Cruise to Australia

Melbourne is a glorious gateway, welcoming you in as you cruise the warm waters of the South Pacific, New Zealand and Australia’s captivating East Coast. Founded in the mid-19th century the city boasts Western heritage, primarily through the decadent Victorian architecture. The city is rife with lush gardens and scenic parks, and home to an inspiring collection of museums and beautifully-preserved colonial buildings. It’s also one of the world’s refined culinary capitals, offering a plethora of unrivalled dining experiences for those who appreciate their fine food and wine.


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