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If you’ve enjoyed Canary Island holidays, you may have wondered what the other islands have to offer. Perhaps you can’t decide which island to visit? The answer is simple. Canary Island Cruises will sail you serenely from one lovely little island to the other.

With its year-round warm climate, this little cluster of islands welcomes visitors looking for guaranteed sun. whatever the weather at home. The Canaries boasts a wealth of contrasting landscapes, from Lanzarote’s vast volcanic mountains to lush evergreen, pine-forested peaks in the mountains of Gran Canaria. A Canary Islands cruise combines the magic of each island, and you can enjoy dramatic and varied terrain that you’d usually have to cross continents to experience.

Experience the unforgettable

Cruises Canary Islands – Not many destinations in the world that are as underrated as the Canaries. From the scenic and cultural wealth to the charming seaside villages. These islands harness the compelling elements of Spain’s mainland cities, in a compact, delightful debut of succinct Spanish charm.

view Canary Islands cruises


Featured Canary Islands Attractions

The Largest of All, Tenerife

Tenerife is the island of a thousand wonderful experiences. Relax with a cocktail, lose yourself to nature, hike mountains or play a round of golf on one of its many pristine courses. To savour the magnificent views across the island and beyond, take a cable-car ride up Tenerife’s Mount Teide. As Spain’s highest peak, it’s been awarded World Heritage status and is surrounded by truly stunning views – the brave can hike up it, with local guides that can give you an unforgettable, in-depth experience.


Fall in Love with Lanzarote

The lava fields of Lanzarote offer a surreal display of colours that’s quite unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Visit the monolithic mountains to see hot lava spewing out, or relax on the island’s famous black sandy beaches. If it’s white sand you’re after, visit Playa de Papagayo – the southern beach is surrounded by a pristine nature reserve and with its crystal-clear, turquoise water is so picture-perfect it could be straight off a postcard.


Enjoy Gran Canaria on a Canary Island Cruise

Cruises Canary Islands – When you approach Gran Canaria, your liner will carry you straight to the island’s capital – the stunning Las Palmas. A cosmopolitan city that offers colourful markets and a lively atmosphere, it’s located just minutes away from the beautiful coastline. To the south of the island lays the Maspalomas sand dunes, a tranquil mix of desert and oasis. Constantly molded and formed by the winds, this area changes its appearance every day, so no two visits will ever be the same.


La Palma on Canary Island Cruises

La Palma is renowned for its lush, green beauty. The capital of Santa Cruz is like stepping back in time, with its original colonial layout and cobbled streets. The incredible landscape that surrounds the cities and towns plays host to a number of marvelous mountains and vast volcanoes. The island is covered with a blanket of green from the deep, dense prehistoric forests and don’t miss La Palma’s starry night skies. These are so remarkable that the island has been granted a Starlight Award for its fantastic astronomy opportunities – lay back, look up and lose yourself in La Palma’s night sky.


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