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Cruises Panama Canal – A cruise through the Panama Canal is an exciting and exhilarating way to move from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The Canal itself is a spectacular marvel of engineering – experience the thrill as the six immense locks raise the cruise ship from sea level up to 85 feet, and then gently lower it down — sometimes with only inches to spare on either side. On your Panama Canal cruise, join other passengers on the decks enjoying the experience of the journey, as you find yourself face to face with the imposing canal walls!

A Panama Canal cruise is one of a kind. Learn about the epic saga behind the canal’s construction, with stories of determination, hard-work, and heroic tragedy, that made this wonderful waterway. You’ll see the astonishing views on either side, the dense forests exuding life as you glide through the pass. Sail through this 80 km long feat of fantastic engineering, visiting the glittering historical ports of Cartagena and George Town.

Experience the unforgettable

Not only are Panama Canal cruises unforgettable holidays, they utilise the fantastically functional link between these two great oceans. These trips open up a wealth of wonderful opportunities, where you can explore the picture-book cities and pristine beaches, and marvel at the sheer cliff drops and the sights and sounds of the colourful birds and animals that inhabit the lush tropical forest of Costa Rica.

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On a Panama Canal cruise, you can opt for the traditional trans-canal experience, which means you spend a day on the Canal, crossing from ocean to ocean. “Partial crossings” are also available, for those who are happy just to experience one of the magnificent locks. The ship crosses through one lock, and then lets passengers off in the town of Gamboa, along the Canal. From there, cruisers can enjoy a myriad of shore excursions and take in sights they otherwise wouldn’t see on a day-long crossing.

Whichever type of Panama Canal voyage you choose, it’ll be the journey of a lifetime, creating unique and special memories that only a fortunate few have had the chance to experience.


Discover Cristobal Pier on a Panama Canal Cruise

Disembark at Cristobel Pier to discover a charming flea market that stretches along the pier itself! Make sure you leave time to explore and uncover the fascinating Gatun Locks – it’s quite a sight watching them in action. Remember to pick up one of the delightful baskets on sale before you leave – each one is hand-woven by the locals and an example of expertly skilled craft, and a truly lovely memento.


Acapulco, Mexico

Enjoy the sea, sun and shores of Acapulco, the perfect beach destination. This exciting city has a gorgeous bay which is surrounded by white sand beaches and fabulous resorts. Be sure to explore the little island of Roqueta and tease your taste buds with delicious freshly-caught seafood. Roqueta is easily accessible by boat, and is known for being a sumptuous, secluded slice of Heaven on earth.


Panama Canal Cruises to Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Located on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Puntarenas is a great place to see native wildlife such as the scarlet macaw and mischievous capuchin monkeys. The region’s volcanic terrain and lush rainforest valleys are home to hundreds of rare species of bird, and the mountains are scattered with beautiful, rare orchids. The town is home to some stunning Spanish colonial architecture, attracting travellers from around the world.


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