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After making a big splash on the cruise ship map, every season Bermuda greets more passengers than ever, thanks to its stunning scenery, warm welcome and soaring popularity. As a self-governing British dependency, this destination blends relaxed, Tropical Island living with proper English traditions. Here you’ll find that afternoon tea is a daily ritual, judges still wear powdered wigs and cricket is a much-loved sport. In fact, Bermuda doesn’t like it – it loves it.

Contrary to popular belief, Bermuda is not in the Caribbean. Consisting of 120-plus islands (some of which aren’t even big enough to build on), Bermuda lies in the Atlantic — with the nearest land being Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, some 570 miles away. Bermuda is mainly made up by its eight largest isles – Ireland North, Ireland South, Boaz, Somerset, Bermuda (or Main), Watford, St. David’s and St. George’s all connected by causeways and bridges.

Untouched Delights in Bermuda

Bermudians know a good thing when they see it; there’s a long list of laws designed to keep their paradise exactly that. With an embargo on billboards, neon signs and all the clutter that came courtesy of the 21st century, this untouched corner of the globe is as preserved as it is perfectly pretty.

Residents get one car apiece to drive at no more than 23 miles per hour, and there are no places to rent a car because that’s illegal too; hence, non-citizens will use taxis, ferries, scooters and bikes for getting from point A to B.

Cruises to Bermuda dock at three harbours: St. George in the East End, the Royal Naval Dockyard in the West End, and Hamilton Harbour at the City of Hamilton. Wherever you dock, Bermuda’s small island will ensure that you can explore any region as nothing is too far away.

view Bermuda cruises


Featured Bermuda Attractions

Visit St. George on Cruises to Bermuda

Picturesque cottages, quaint alleyways and winding lanes are examples of the wealth of historic architecture of St. George that attracts visitors from all over the world. Dotted with 18th Century dwellings, colonial landmarks, and thriving with bustling businesses, restaurants and shops, this picture-book town is a beautiful blend of colonial and modern worlds – so much so it has recently been designated as a World Heritage site.


Cruise to Bermuda and Discover King’s Wharf

The isolated location of this pretty parish allows for secluded spots and uninterrupted privacy – perfect for kicking back at the beach. King’s Wharf is rich in naval history, and the Bermuda Maritime Museum houses recovered treasures from the island’s shipwrecks – delve into the troves and travel back in time to the 17th century.


See Hamilton, on a Cruise to Bermuda

Attracting most visitors for the huge host of activities, from shopping to sightseeing, the island’s capital is jam-packed with plenty of options, for any time day or night. Ships typically dock right on Front Street, which means you’ll be merely steps away from the action. On an island that’s known for its flowers, pay the Botanical Gardens a visit, and see the bountiful flora and fauna.


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