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The Far East is home to a fascinating fusion of colourful culture, delicious cuisine, and sensational sights, sounds and smells – this corner of the globe is a delightful assault on the senses and one that will leave you wanting more and more. Treat yourself to a taste of it all on a Far East Asian cruise, where you can experience the cosmopolitan cities, crumbling relics, dramatic beaches and fascinating culture.

The Far East is unrivalled for its hospitality – step ashore with the many excursions available and you’ll be greeted by the most wonderfully warm and welcoming locals, where the celebration is gratuitous and charisma fills the air. The people make this a holiday unlike any other, as does the variety only a cruise can bring. Take a city tour of Hanoi or enjoy some sensational shopping in Singapore, witness the extremes from Japan to Cambodia, Hong Kong to Laos.

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Far East cruise itineraries cover China, Japan, South Korea and parts of South East Asia, so whatever you’re looking for, be it an adventure, fine-dining, natural beauty or ancient history, you’re bound to find it with this plethora of fascinating places.

view Far East Asia cruises


Featured Far East Asia Attractions

Discover Shanghai on a Far East Cruise

Vibrant and thrilling, the enormous Shanghai is China’s largest city. This renowned international metropolis is a global financial hub, at the heart of which lies the Bund – a stunning waterfront promenade lined with beautiful authentic buildings from the colonial era.

This modern city is home to skylines that spear the clouds, a mouth-watering restaurant scene, bustling markets and pop-up boutiques and an endless list of things to do. Ensure you’re awake early for the approach into harbour – the views as you dock are unforgettable. It’s certainly true that the stunning and futuristic city of Shanghai must be seen to be believed.


Far East Cruises to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a mysterious city that boasts a myriad of skyscrapers, ancient culture, Chinese tradition and decadent cuisine. Sample culinary creations like the freshly steamed dim sum, the best in the world, or sticky noodles that have influenced Western foods for many years. This city is also an unrivalled destination for any shopaholic – cruise passengers can shop ‘til they drop in the city’s largest mall, without even needing to leave Hong Kong’s remarkable Ocean Cruise Terminal.


Experience Ko Samui, Thailand

Far East cruises reach to Thailand, a mystical and magical country that’s home to stunning islands and miles of pristine coastline. Ko Samui is Thailand’s third largest island, drawing in visitors from around the globe with its powdery white beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters. It has a casual and unspoilt air about it, perhaps due to the sprinkling of Buddhist temples and serene jungle landscape. Relax and unwind and let life’s stresses ebb away – the Thai people call their nation Muang Thai which means “Land of the Free”, and you’ll soon find that this sentiment sticks.


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