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With a wealth of wildlife and natural diversity, Galápagos is a nature-lovers dream. These stunning islands are home to almost 2,000 rare and unique species that aren’t found anywhere else in the world – this exotic haven of astonishing flora and fauna makes for an unforgettable trip for any intrepid explorer.

This undisturbed pocket of the world will open up a mysterious land to curious visitors, and sights that are rarely seen by outside eyes. Here you can discover rare species, spectacular beauty and what it truly means to be at one with nature.

Experience the unforgettable

Ecuador’s Galápagos Island will inspire, changing your perception of the world around you. This fragile ecosystem has earnt an almost mythological status and visiting this scared place is a privilege – as it’s somewhere you’re hard-pressed to find another human footprint.

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Featured Galapagos Attractions

Preserved Perfection

Stepping ashore on the Galápagos Islands, you’re welcomed into a world where human interference has been kept to a minimum. Each stop will reveal enchanting natural spectacles, where animals rule the roost and nature has been left to take its course. Visit Dragon Hill and to see the fascinating nesting land iguanas, or the witness the pretty pink flamingos perched perilously in super-salty lagoons. It’s no wonder Charles Darwin’s trip to the Galápagos Islands inspired his radical and ground-breaking theory of evolution, as the sights here are most certainly out-of-this-world.


Visit Tortuga Bay on Your Galápagos Cruise

The Galápagos Islands are not your typical tropical beach paradise. In fact, much of the land is volcanic, barren and bare, devoid of vegetation and resembling some sort of lunar-landscape. However – this is not the case if you know where to look. Tortuga Bay is a beach that rivals any of South America’s finest. It’s untouched, unspoilt white sands are the epitome of picture-perfect, and relaxing next to the warm water you’re likely to be joined by an array of wildlife, including smaller species of harmless shark, marine iguanas, large pelicans and the occasional flamingo.


Find Your Dream Cruise to the Galápagos Islands

Travel back to the beginning of time as you hike through lava tunnels that were formed millions of years ago. These islands are a living, breathing museum of natural history and when you’ve learned and observed all that you can, it’ll be time to return to the unrivalled comfort and elegant sophistication of your cruise ship. Only on a cruise to the Galápagos Islands can you combine up-close-and-personal with Mother Nature’s best offerings and the indulgent, extravagant relaxed way of holidaying that you get on a luxury cruise liner.


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