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Cruises Norway – As one of the natural world’s most awe-inspiring offerings, the fascinating fjords of Norway have been drawing in visitors for hundreds of years. These long, narrow inlets of the sea stretch between mighty sheer cliffs, with rugged rock faces – they’re created by glaciers retreating over thousands of years. Anyone who’s seen the fjords will tell you that there really is only one way to appreciate their beauty and soak in their monumental glory – and that’s by actually sailing through them in your luxury cruise liner.

Experience the unforgettable

Navigating through Norway’s icy waters you’ll see powerful waterfalls plummet from hundreds of feet, churning cool crystal-clear waters below. The rocky outcrops that make up this beautiful and dramatic coastline have been carved by centuries of shifting ice, giving them an eerie and magical quality, and the stony landscape is peppered with lush greenery from the forest. Cruises to Norway call at picturesque ports along the coast, each of which is surrounded by a shroud of mesmerising Viking legend.

view Norway & Fjords cruises


Featured Norway & Fjords Attractions

Explore Beautiful Bergen

Known as the ‘Gateway to the Fjords’, Bergen is a huge city packed with tradition and rich history. Don’t be fooled by its size – Bergen breathes a small-town atmosphere and charm, home to warm and welcoming locals. Stroll around the old cobbled streets and get lost in the famous Fish Market, where you can sample some of the tastiest, freshly-caught fish in the world. With many listed wooden buildings, the city looks like a work of art, painted picture-perfect onto the surrounding landscape.


Enchanting Fjord Cruises

Fjord cruises award passengers with the most spectacular and breath-taking views of these natural phenomena. As you visit some of the world’s most northerly inhabited regions, you can be bemused by the stunning light displays that stripe the skies, when the never-setting ‘midnight’ sun puts on its display during the summer months. During winter, it’s the magical flickering Northern Lights that draw in visitors. Visit The Sognefjord, Norway’s longest and deepest fjord, or the vast Hardangerfjord. This inlet lies not far from Bergen, and is renowned for the pretty fruit trees that blossom in spring, and its wonderful Vøringsfossen Waterfall.


Cruise to Norway

For the discerning traveler, cruises to Norway marries natural beauty, friendly locals, and magical experiences. From the cosmopolitan cities and the cosy capital Oslo to the realm of rural delights such as the lush green Nordic forests and natural light displays. In the warmer months, the midnight sun will baffle and bemuse you, and in the winter the Northern Lights will steal your heart – just be sure to wrap up warm!

Cruises Norway – are an unforgettable adventure, filled with nature, excitement and fresh, mountain air. For a trip that feeds both mind and soul, a Nordic cruise will captivate and charm, with history, culture, cuisine and more.


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