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A cruise to South East Asia can offer splendour like no other part of the world. Taste the air, thick with fragrant spices and the sweet scent of incense, and listen out for the evocative cry of the Iman as he sounds his call to prayer.

This region is a traveller’s nirvana, and with a plethora of captivating places on offer, the most effortless way to see it all is on a South East Asian cruise. From natural wonder that is the mystical limestone islands of Vietnam’s Halong Bay, to the transcendent man-made temples that nestle in the hills of Thailand and Cambodia, this corner of the world will captivate and inspire you.

Experience the unforgettable

The countries of South East Asia throw up a dynamic mix of cultures that reflect thousands of years of life’s rich tapestry. Explore the booming cities and sprawling rural lands, and take in as much of the culture as you possibly can. Equal parts beautiful and baffling to those from the West, it’s this tempting combination that keeps cruisers coming back for more.

view South East Asia cruises


Featured South East Asia Attractions

Visit Beautiful Bali, Indonesia

Think of Bali and you instantly imagine a tropical paradise – white, powdery beaches and fiery volcanoes, vine-covered temples filled with sacred monkeys, rushing white-water rivers and unrelenting sunshine. And you’re not wrong. This Indonesian island has long been a favourite getaway for keen surfers and nearby Aussies, and now it’s a coveted cruise destination too.

The forests are home to an array of colourful wildlife, and the lush mountainous terrain hosts plantations growing coffee, bananas and cocoa beans. The indigenous people are fiercely proud of this gem of an island, and once you’ve visited it’s not hard to see why.


South East Asian Cruises to Singapore

Singapore is made up of one main island and several, smaller surrounding islets – 60 in total. Together, they make a model city, boasting modern infrastructure that the West could only dream of – clear roads and efficient public transport. The skyline pierces the clouds, with hundreds of high-rise buildings and towering glass skyscrapers. Lush, green, perfectly-landscaped parks are scattered around the city, offering a relaxing and peaceful setting to spend a lazy afternoon. If you’re not done exploring the city, there are quite literally thousands of restaurants, food courts and cafes to stop for a spot of lunch. After sunset, keep your eyes to the skies for the nightly laser show, not to be missed as you travel back to your luxury liner.


Discover Vietnam’s Hanoi on a South East Asia Cruise

This city is a frenetic collage of colour, culture and unique appeal. Paths and roadways are bursting with motorbikes and bicycles, with the honking of car horns an integral soundtrack to any Hanoi trip. You’ll spot the locals, many wearing the traditional, conical straw hats, and can delve into the hundreds of tiny shops that overflow with multi-coloured embroidery and hand-woven garments. Host to a number of historical gems, Hanoi has a number of museums dedicated to the Vietnam War and the Old Quarter is a must – the hectic market must be seen to be believed.

To immerse yourself in all this and more, a South East Asia cruise is an effortless and unforgettable way to explore this fascinating corner of the world.


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