The Ultimate Guide To Spas At Sea

It is said that time well spent on yourself will go on to impact others around you, and with that in mind, the definition of really looking after yourself must be a luxury cruise spa experience! Enter the LoveitBookit Spa Awards! The positions up for grabs are Best Massage at Sea, Best Design, Best Facilities, Best Luxury Spa, and Best at Sea.

As a team here, we’ve combined our extensive knowledge on all things ships, fitness, luxury and holiday. We’ve brawled, scrapped, argued, debated, and decided on our favourites for the positions, and with plenty of input from you, our devoted readers, here are the final results:


Of course, every one of the cruise ships we considered has exceptional standards for the range of facilities available, but not all of them can boast the commendable quality as well as number of facilities that Norwegian Epic’s Mandara Spa can.

Norwegian Mandara Spa

Mandara is proud owner to over 50 land and sea-based spas worldwide, and with this milestone under their belt, it isn’t any wonder they hold such a wide range of unique and exotic treatments, alongside the holy standards we all know and love. Norwegian Epic houses one of the largest spas at sea, with over 24 treatment rooms, 39 spa cabins, and 2 private villas. The pools feature massaging jets, whirlpools or, if you’d rather keep your feet dry, tropical relaxation garden, snow room, Hydrotherapy Courtyard and Thermal Suite.

Whether you’re after a heated stone massage, with stones straight from the hot coals in Hawaii, professional classes in meditation, pilates, yoga, or acupuncture, or teeth whitening, or men’s grooming services, the Mandara Spa has it all and more! F


Now if you’ve ever had a massage, you know it’s a glorious thing. Get someone that really knows what they’re doing and you’re in heaven, and it doesn’t get more relaxed than that! The downside is when someone doesn’t have a clue, and you have the horrible and awkward experience of enduring prods and pokes that do nothing but leave you in pain. On MSC Cruises, the team at Aurea Spa know what they’re doing. In fact, we’ve decided they might just be the best!

MSC Aurea massage

Aurea Spa specialises in massages, with over 20 different types including Balinese, Thai, and Sports massages. Not only that, but they also offer 19 body treatments, facials, aromatherapy, manicure, and pedicure. There are 10 whirlpools located on 6 different decks, and a variety of Solarium’s, including an exclusive zone on Deck 18 with premium deck space and a high quality sanctuary, hidden away.

It sells itself, and there really isn’t much else to highlight. 


Design might not feature when you consider what makes a spa one of the best you’ve ever visited, but I know a lot of people that will tell you it matters. If everything fits together perfectly, if it’s organised and tidy, or just well arranged, you’re naturally more at ease. And if you can create sleek, clean designs, in a modern and provocative style, the design has to be commended. Crystal Cruises’ Crystal Spa on the Symphony and Serenity holds the impressive title of the world’s only Feng Shui- inspired spas at sea, and wins our award for Best Spa Design.

Crystal Cruises Crystal Spa

The spas on both Crystal ships are peaceful and exotic area, designed in balance and harmony, and the theme of Zen really works to relax your mind. The mind isn’t the only thing relaxing on board, however, as the luxury area offers massages, acupuncture, skin and hair care, extensive gym equipment, showers, saunas and plenty more, all with sweeping ocean views.

The Crystal Spa is always incredibly popular, so make sure to book in advance for any time you want to spend on board, even if that’s just half a day to experience iconic and relaxing design balanced perfectly on the swells of the ocean.


There are few things better than ultimate luxury, and nothing says luxury like a 24 Karat Gold facial. Seabourn’s The Spa is undeniably head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to luxury, and gold facials is just one of many extravagant methods of relaxing on board their beautiful ships.

Seabourn The Spa

Private Spa Villas are discreetly nestled on the Spa deck, allowing you to enjoy luxury in peace and quiet. Though the options for skin, hair and nail care, don’t vary as much as other spas, Seabourn guarantees quality and for a taste of luxury, it’s unmissable.

If you’re interested in indulging in The Spa’s massages, facials, water experiences and cruise experiences, check out our page on Seabourn’s hottest cruises here.


It’s never easy to choose the best “such and such an item”, no matter what it is. There was heated discussion, and pens were thrown, tears were shed and eventually we came to choose a winner. This spa is world renowned, featuring on various ships, and just as popular on land. It’s classy, luxurious, it offers a whole host of things to do or have done, it looks incredible, and if we all had to pick the last spa we’d ever experience it would be this one. Celebrity Cruises’ Canyon Ranch Spa Club comes out on top!

Celebrity Cruises Canyon Ranch

That’s right Celebrity wins, with the Solstice class, offering a huge physical spa, alongside the AquaClass spa cabins, AquaSpa Café and Blu. They offer more than 20 high quality exclusive treatments, an incredible Persian Garden sauna/steam room, gorgeous Solarium, fully-stocked gym and plenty more, so that you can really live the spa-cruise life whilst you’re out at sea.

Whether you’re opting for exclusive spa treatment, with unlimited access to all things spa, or just popping in for a massage and dipping your feet in the jacuzzi, Celebrity’s Canyon Ranch Spa is where you should be headed, and with incredible locations and great deals here, there’s nothing stopping you getting back in touch with yourself, so that you can have a positive impact on everyone around you.