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This corner of Europe is famed for its immense, dramatic coastline and cities that boast beautiful architecture. For the journey of a lifetime, Baltic cruises offer unrivalled views and rich culture, enjoyed from the opulence of your luxurious liner – take in the wealth of unforgettable experiences this particular region has to offer, and once you see the sights of this magnificent voyage, you’ll realise there’s nothing that quite compares to a cruise on the Baltic Sea.

The abundance of striking scenery includes endlessly vast fjords; the narrow coastal inlets with sheer cliffs and steep rock faces, created by glacial erosion. Breathe in the crisp, cool air as you marvel at majestic peaks and jagged mountains. Teeming with wildlife, these seas are home to hundreds of intriguing species that you can observe roaming the icy waters.

Experience the unforgettable

On a Baltic cruise, you’ll dock at a number of charming port cities that are packed with stunning buildings and exciting things to do. Temperatures can be brisk, so wrap up warm and don your sturdiest boots – you’re sure to do some mileage on the many cobbled streets, as each one is filled with fascinating delights.

view Baltics cruises


Featured Baltics Attractions

Explore St. Petersburg on Your Baltic Cruise

Just a few days is not long enough to see everything in this stunning and remarkable city. Built in the late 17th Century under the rule of Peter the Great, St. Petersburg boasts lavish architecture, extraordinary history and unrivalled nightlife. For a slice of this rich culture, visit one of the world’s largest art collections, The Hermitage. Another unmissable attraction on any itinerary is the incredible Imperial parks and palaces that reflect the extravagant and lavish tastes of the Russian rulers that built them. Sample Russian delicacies in the many fine-dining restaurants, including the best beef stroganoff you’ll ever taste – and when you’re full, relax and unwind on a canal tour, possibly the best way to see the city.


Discover Denmark’s Captivating Capital, Copenhagen

It’s Copenhagen’s sky-high spires and towering structures that jump to mind when you think of this glorious city. Spearing the clouds, the 17th and 18th Century buildings make up the largest city in Scandinavia, populated by nearly 2 million people – people that have been crowned the ‘happiest in the world’. This happiness is infectious, as visiting this country seems to lift your spirits, with its lush green countryside, decadent castles and fascinating Viking history. A Baltic cruise is the perfect opportunity to explore the warren of winding streets and breathe in the happiness, as well as the salty sea air.


Experience Oslo’s Beauty on a Baltic Cruise

Located at the head of the Oslo Fjord, nestled on the Aker River is Norway’s capital city. Boasting contemporary architecture and hundreds of stunning lakes and parks, this cosy city is as welcoming as it is large – 175 square miles! Residents are proud of the area’s natural beauty and Baltic cruises are the best possible way to appreciate it. The ship’s approach is unforgettable, with astounding views of scenery and small fishing villages. Be sure to have your camera to hand!


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