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Discover Canada & New England

Cruise to Canada, where you can enrich yourself with exquisite charm, rich history and breath-taking natural beauty of New England and Canada’s eastern seaboard. Sail along and see the vast cities of Boston and Quebec, and immerse yourself in all the signs of Victoria’s decadent British heritage.

Glorious trees flaunt leaves of every imaginable colour, and rustic, picturesque towns and villages adorn the rocky and rugged coastline, punctuated every so often with Canada’s huge vibrant cities. The beauty of these unique locations can be best experienced and enjoyed on-board, as you cruise along New England and Eastern Canada’s most scenic ports of call.

Let Your Dreams Run Wild On A Cruise To Canada

Perfect for photography enthusiasts, history buffs and wildlife lovers, cruises to Canada and New England are ideal for those wanting to immerse themselves in the sheer thrill that the great outdoors brings. Whether it’s the sea waves, the mountain air or the baffling beauty of the surrounding landscape, this route is a magnificent choice for a cruise holiday of a lifetime.

view Canada & New England cruises


Featured Canada & New England Attractions

Ports of Call Include Bar Harbor, Maine

On arrival in Bar Harbor, you’re greeted with a view of a charming seafront, sprinkled with colourful buildings. You can roam the quaint cobbled streets, and for those who want to embrace the great outdoors, there’s the astounding Arcadia National Park, just a short drive inland. Home to white-tailed deer and soaring eagles, Mother Nature makes this lovely corner of Maine her home – trek up to Cadillac Mountain for sweeping views of the coast, and the opportunity to do a spot of whale watching.


Discover Portland, Maine

In this dynamic city, two worlds collide and history and modernity meet in the middle. The many galleries and museums of Portland is where the arts come alive, with the air thick with curiosity and culture. It’s a dramatic and delightful location filled with things to do and places to eat and drink – food heaven if you’re looking to tuck in to some delicious lobster. Portland also throws up opportunities for the adventurous – kayaking, biking, skiing are just a few.


Cruise to Canada, Happen Upon Halifax

As you move on up into Canada, you’ll find yourself in Halifax, captivating capital of Nova Scotia. Although bustling and contemporary, The City of Trees is careful to preserve its stunning natural beauty. Must visits include historic sites such as Peggy’s Cove and Citadel Hill, and the charming waterfront that’s home to lively pubs and cafes, perfect for wiling away your evenings whilst getting some sea air.


Quebec City, Quebec

As French as it can get, the Old City is a World Heritage site that makes for a very interesting visit. It’s a reflectively romantic city, full of cobbled streets and stone alleyways that are lined with delightful boutique shops and cafes. Quebec is home to many archaic fortifications and idyllic stone churches, for ever more stunning sightseeing opportunities, as you journey further into Canadian waters.


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