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Crossing the pond is more than a means to an end in this collection of cruises – you’ll relive the golden age of cruising on a transatlantic cruise. These cruises can best be summed up by the three R’s – romance, reflection and relaxation. For those who want to soak up the beauty of the ocean amid luxurious surroundings, a Transatlantic cruise is ideal – with either no or very few ports of call, there are no distractions from the soothing lull of the water as your magnificent ship slices through the waves.

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If the most alluring aspect of a cruise is the lazy days at sea or the opulent luxury of the voyage itself, a transatlantic cruise will be the perfect choice. Crossing the mighty Atlantic Ocean allows you to connect with yourself, away from distractions, away from the worries of the world – these wonderful journeys bring us freedom from this busy world. On a transatlantic cruise your hardest choice for your sea days will be what to do, but of course you can still do nothing at all.

view Transatlantic cruises


Featured Transatlantic Attractions

Cruise to New York

One-stop sail to New York on a transatlantic cruise, and visit one of the world’s most exciting and charismatic cities. Shop ‘til you drop in Macy’s, or picnic in Central Park. Experience Manhattan’s unforgettable nightlife, and brave the dizzying heights of the Empire State Building – the city that never sleeps certainly has something for everyone. Once you’ve had your bite of the Big Apple, you’ll turn on round and sail home again, enjoying the extravagant luxury that you only get on a cruise liner.

Málaga is the gateway to the Andalusian countryside and the Costa del Sol, boasting some of the region’s most impressive beaches and coves. Eat just-caught sardines by the sea, party the night away with the city’s famous nightlife or stroll down the marble-paved Larios Street towards the Mediterranean. This culturally-rich city is home to some truly stunning Spanish architecture – for a true taste of España, you can visit a number of magnificent palaces, including the Moorish Alcabaza and Gibralfaro.


Ponta Delgada, Azores

Formed from the peaks of a vast underwater volcanic mountain range, Ponta Delgada on the island of São Miguel is considered by many to be the most important city in the Azores. Volcanic craters, gardens and lakes fill this lovely city, so be sure to explore the stunning scenery. Take a tour of Furnas where you can find natural hot springs, or the quaint Gorreana Tea Factory, a beautiful boutique tea plantation that stretches over acres of green hillside.


Discover Madeira on a Transatlantic

Also known as the ‘Pearl of the Atlantic’, Madeira is a wonderful island, home to towering cliffs, quiet valleys and quaint villages. With a pleasantly mild climate and such stunning landscapes, make sure you spend your time on Madeira outdoors, appreciating the wonderful and exotic flora-filled parks where delicate fragrance fills the air. Try your hand at traditional old-style wine making, such as the treading of grapes, for an authentic and thoroughly-enjoyable Portuguese experience.


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